3M vinyl is an extremely flexible and durable, two-millimetre thick film that can be easily adhered to any type of vehicle. With a barely detectable profile, 3M vinyl wraps create a custom look, as if the pattern or design has been flawlessly printed or painted directly onto the vehicle’s surface.
We use only premium and the highest quality 3M Car Wrap Film and Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film to wrap your vehicle.

3m Vinyl Wraps can be expected to last a minimum of 5 years and will protect your vehicle from scratches.
Taking care of it will, of course, make your vinyl last longer.
By taking care of the vinyl, we mean hand wash it instead of going for high water pressure wash and avoid exposing your car to high heat intensity.

All 3M vinyl car wraps are completed with a UV protective layer. This helps preserving the vinyl print and the underlying paint from heat and cold, as well as to help provide a higher level of scratch protection to keeps your custom wrap, vehicle, wall, or floor in a good condition.

Our team has years of experience working with 3M vinyl wraps on all kinds of vehicles.
We used 3M Vinyl Wrap Film for Car Wraps, Truck Wrap, Van Wrap, Motorcycle Wrap and Equipment Wrap.
So we do know what works and what does not. We firmly believe in our wrapping skills and in the 3M Vinyl Wrap Film that we use!




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