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Opseu Vinyl Full Van Wrap

Want to make a statement with your company vehicles? Opseu decided to advertise by getting a full van wrap. We took their standard Dodge Caravan and made them stand out with the company’s logo and colours.
The wrap job was done over a week’s period, and the installation crew followed the same template for each Opseu dodge van.
A Dodge van is a common working vehicle in the GTA so we have wrapped quite a few of the years. Opseu wanted their vehicles to brand the company and advertise while on the move. Our graphics team used Opseu’s logo as inspiration for the full vinyl van wrap.
We wrapped the bonnet with the phone number backwards so that people could read it in their rear-view mirror. This is similar to what ambulances do so that you can easily identify the vehicle behind you. The full wrap included doing the windows with perforated vinyl so that the driver can still see out. The graphics for this van would not make sense if we did not include the windows.

We here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto walk a customer through the pros and cons of wrapping a vehicle.

If you would like to know more about wraps like this Opseu Dodge or have any questions, Click here or call us on 647-494-4757. We explain that vinyl wrap can last up to 5 years and perforated vinyl lasts about 3 years.

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