This range rover wrap was done using Satin Black Vinyl Wrap and we used Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film This was a full vehicle wrap.

Here are the before photos of the vehicle getting stripped and primed for wrapping:

Range Rover Wrap Toronto - Before we start

Before we started

Range Rover Wrap Toronto, Satin Black Wrap, Avery Dennison Vinyl - Before

Range Rover Full Wrap – Vinyl Wrap Toronto


We printed and applied the vinyl in-house. Below are photos to show the process of how we apply the vinyl to the car. We care about your wrap and so we make sure to cover even the areas where you cannot see. Here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto we like to show off our Certified crew applying the wrap perfectly to your vehicle. We usually use 3M and Avery Dennison which are considered to be the best on the market right now.

For this Range Rover we used Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film to complete the look the client was after. This satin black vinyl was carefully placed by our installers, who in our opinion, did a great job applying it.


Anita - 3m Certified Installer

Anita – 3m Certified Installer

Heating the vinyl to apply it on the car

Heating the vinyl to apply it on the car

Mitch - Avery Dennison Certified Installer

Vinyl Wrap Toronto - Process


Removing the parts for it to get wrapped. 


Below is the result after our professional installers applied the vinyl on the car.


[caption width="1024" id="attachment_2694" align="alignnone"]Range rover wrap - Vinyl Wrap Toronto

Range Rover Wrap - Full Vehicle Wrap Finished and ready for collection – Full Vehicle Wrap

Range Rover Wrap - Full Car Wrap

Range Rover Wrap – Full Car Wrap


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We got certified 3M Installer and Certified Avery Dennison Installer. We use only these two materials as they are considered as premium materials.
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