Avery Dennison Van Wrap

Check out a new full wrap we did for DO Home Health Care!

The photos below show how we here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto can enhance your vehicle doing an Avery Dennison Van Wrap. VWT took this van from just being a mode of transport and transformed it into a moving billboard for your business. Would you like to advertise more and get your brand noticed? Speak to our in-house Avery Dennison certified installers and see what Vinyl Wrap Toronto can offer you.

The branding on the van is clear and easy to read with DO Home Health Cares’s contact information. The colours used in the design of the graphics are the DO Home Health Care’s logo colours. Our design team worked with the company to keep as close to the orginal logo as possible. Comment below and tell us what you think of this vehicle wrap? Check our Avery Dennison Page here.

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