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Jeep & SUV Partial Wraps in Toronto

A Partial Jeep & SUV wrap gives you the freedom to update and change the look of your vehicle, without the long process of having it repainted. Here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto we can freshen up your Jeep or SUV with a custom design specific to you.

We are asked a lot about the protection difference between our wrap materials and a paint job. We laminate our vinyls to protect your design from the harsh elements of mother nature. Our wrap helps to protect your vehicle from scratches, dents and even UV protection, its a win win. Paint is permanent, a partial wrap can be removed when the time comes to trade in, sell or just change up the design on your vehicle. When properly maintained and professionally removed a partial wrap can keep the value of your original paint job in tact.

Want to learn more about our materials and tools check out our What We Use page to learn more.

Hand washing with mild soap and water will keep your partial wrap looking its best. We always recommend that our clients never pressure wash or used automated car washes with their partial wraps as they can cause material fatigue.

A partial wrap is done in a few simple steps. Firstly we will meet with you and have a look at your vehicle to determine if your dream can become a wrapped reality. Next we have one of our talented installers and graphic designers measure out your vehicle. Then we move onto the design phase, it is here that we take your idea and graph it out to an outline of your vehicle. We proof it with you for positioning and colour and once you’ve signed off on it we get it in to print. We wash down your jeep or SUV to remove any dirt, dust and debris so we have the cleanest surface possible.

Once our installers are happy with the wash, we laminate, cut and begin to lay down the vinyl on your vehicle. Once the installation is completed, our installers do a full quality assurance check on your partial wrap so that we can confidently send you back into the world with the best looking wrap you can have. Finally we have you come back in to watch the smile on your face light up our garage. This is our favourite part of the whole process.

One of the best parts of having a partial wrap done is that it is relatively fast compared to getting a custom painted job. A typical wrap job from start to finish can be done in a couple days at most and ready to be picked back up, so it doesn’t leave you stranded. The endless options and ease of removal allows you to keep your jeep or SUV a true one of a kind!

A well wrapped vehicle can fool most onlookers. Not every wrap is just a crazy colour, many clients choose design elements that are specific to just them. Making their car feel even more like their own. All jeep and SUV wraps are not created equal, it is important to understand that you get what you pay for. Here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto we only use materials that we know and trust, and we pass that knowledge onto you when we recommend one of the many vinyls offered by our suppliers Avery Dennison & 3M.

We are always more than happy to discuss any and all details of your project with you.

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