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It is considered to be a full van wrap when more than 75% of the vehicle is wrapped with a vinyl sheet. At Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we have had the pleasure of doing such full van wraps. Full vehicle wraps tend to be the first choice for people who want to advertise their business through their fleet vehicles. And we highly encourage it, we believe it is a cost-effective and non-aggressive way to promote something. Vinyl Wrap Toronto offers a variety of colour options to choose from.

We use Avery Dennison & 3M Vinyl wraps that are known to have the widest colour spectrum among the other brands on the market. Besides having the option to choose from a series of different colours, we also offer full van wraps in different finishes. Matte & Gloss are our two most demanded vinyl wrap finishes. Our designers are capable of rendering graphics that match the customer’s vision.

The reason for getting a full vinyl wrap varies from customer to customer. It could either be for commercial or personal reasons. Most of the requests we get for a full van wrap are for commercial purposes. The reason for that is that the vans are relatively large vehicles and are often used by businesses as their fleet vehicles. Because these vans go around carrying out their business duties, it is generally in good taste to advertise the brand all over these vehicles.

Not only does that spread awareness about a brand, but it also makes people dealing with that particular business feel more confident about a business’ authenticity. However, when it comes to getting a personal wrap, people mostly want to switch up the colour of their vehicle or in a few cases, get a fully customized wrap.

In very rare cases, people like to go beyond the standard wrap job and wrap the door jams of their van as well for when they want a greater level of detail. Since wrapping door jams is tricky, it costs a bit extra than what it costs for a usual full van wrap. Ultimately the customer’s decision to wrap the door jams depends on how detailed they want the wrap to be and how deep their pocket is.

Wrapping vehicles is art from design to installation and we have plenty of artists to create and apply your masterpiece. At Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we use the best quality vehicle wrapping material and techniques in the market because we know, when it comes to the style, look and protection of a vehicle that one drives every day, there are to be no compromises with quality.

We use 3M Wrap Film Series 1080 and Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping MPI 1105 films to wrap vehicles.

At Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we have capable installers with years of experience in wrapping vehicles. Our installers are all perfectionists, ensuring the most detailed and fine-quality of wraps. Clients tell us how they expect their vehicle to look and our Graphic Designers analyze their requirements, create a design, and render that design onto a digital mock-up.

Once the client is satisfied with the design of the digital mock-up, we begin the process to bring that design to life and onto their vehicle. Over the years Vinyl Wrap Toronto has had a 100% Success rate when it comes to customer satisfaction and that is what fuels us to do better and better.

Vinyl Wrap Toronto is a one-stop location for all kinds of vehicle wrapping, from full vehicle wraps to equipment wraps, we do it all. Our motto is, if it has a surface that can be wrapped, we can wrap it!

Most people prefer vans for their business, because of their perfect size, which is not too small and not too big. Since they use these vans to carry out their business duties, it is generally a good idea to use all that real estate on the van to promote what the business is. The van can become a moving billboard, promoting a business wherever it goes.

As people are becoming more and more aware of this marketing tactic, they’re getting on board with the idea of getting their van wrapped.

We’ve posted some pictures of some of the most interesting van wrapping jobs we’ve done. Full Van Wraps, Partial Van Wraps, Lettering & Decals, we’ve done it all.

If you are looking to promote your business wherever your vehicles go, we got your back. Give us a call at 416-746-1381 to talk to our experts.
Or if you would like to visit us and see us in action, our garage is located at 24 Ronson Dr., Unit 1 Etobicoke, ON M9W 1B4, we’d love to have you over.

Have a question regarding the van wrap cost? Send us a message with your requirements and our team will get back to you with an estimated van wrapping price.

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