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Full Wrap, Partial Wrap, Window Tinting, Lettering, decals, and more..

Vinyl Wrap Toronto started as a customer’s request around 14 years ago as a result of creative thinking and a willingness to offer quality vehicle wrap service in the area. Since then, we have been working hard to keep ourselves up to date with the latest techniques in the market and observing the change in the latest trends. We are an all-in-one vehicle wrap agency with a passion for turning standard-looking vehicles into unique masterpieces. At Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we do all kinds of vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, boats, and even objects offering full wrap, partial wrap, lettering, decals, and more. Having years of experience, we are very versatile and have the confidence to say that we can wrap almost anything, as long as it can fit into our garage and has a smooth surface.

OUR VISION – Our vision is to offer top-quality vehicle wrapping service to people looking to personalize their pride & joys.

OUR INSPIRATION – The thing that inspires us the most, to do what we do, is the look on a customer’s face when they see their pride and joy after it has been wrapped. With countless options on the market, almost everyone ends up with similar-looking vehicles and at Vinyl Wrap Toronto we recognize how that can be a bit annoying. Some people having a standard-looking car want to stand out in the crowd and Vinyl Wrap Toronto is all for it. But with so few people being aware of Vinyl Vehicle Wraps, we make it our business to spread the word and help people turn heads. Our team enjoys a challenge, which is why we have wrapped a wide variety of vehicles and objects with a lot more on our wish list. The biggest vehicle we have wrapped so far that we were able to fit into our garage was a 44-foot boat on its trailer. It was a real challenge which gave us double the pleasure when the customer left with a perfectly wrapped boat and a big smile on his face. The possibilities are endless and bringing those possibilities to life is what keeps us going. We also wrap urns.

WHY CHOOSE VINYL WRAP TORONTO? – Considering there are many vehicle wrap agencies in the GTA, it goes without saying that a customer wants to know what is it that we offer that gives us the edge. To answer that question, we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate from our clients. And we like to believe it is a combination of both the customer and our team coordinating and communicating throughout the process. We have highly professional graphic designers capable of rendering any graphic as long as the customer has a vision of what they want. Once the design is approved by the customer, we start to print the design onto a printable vinyl. Then the installation team takes over and applies the vinyl onto the vehicle. Wrapping is the trickiest part of the process; one wrong move can snatch away its perfection and you’d have to live with that imperfection. However, we assure you that none of that happens at Vinyl Wrap Toronto; we have capable installers who have over a decade of experience in wrapping a wide variety of vehicles. We believe in quality instead of quantity. Our installers would rather take a few extra hours and wrap the vehicle with perfection instead of doing it as quickly as possible and doing a lousy job. Here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we recognize how valuable a customer’s vehicle is, especially for someone who is going to great lengths to customize it. We handle the vehicles with care and consideration as if they are our own. Having said all that, if the customer is still not convinced or if the vehicle is too big that it cannot fit in our garage, we offer to wrap their vehicles at a location where it is possible. That is how flexible and open to challenges we are.

WHAT’S ON OUR WISHLIST? – The list does not have a limit. Every achievement is a pilot light for the next one. Currently what we have on our to-accomplish list includes but is not limited to:

  • Wrap an Aircraft – We long for the day when we get to wrap our first big aircraft such as a helicopter or a plane. We believe we are more than qualified to take on a job at that level.
  • Wrap a Hockey Locker Room – A hockey locker room is one of the most creative places for people who are enthusiastic about trivial details, for instance, having posters of favourite players or teams. We have done wall wraps several times, but what we’re looking to achieve is to wrap an entire locker room’s walls with amazing graphics and turn it into something that looks and feels like another dimension upon entrance.
  • PWC (Personal Water Craft) and Snow Mobiles – Being in Canada, it would feel odd to not have done a PWC or snowmobile. We are looking forward to getting one of those jobs with open doors.
  • More Muscle Cars – If anyone understands and appreciates the significance a customization job makes, it is the people who own muscle cars. Muscle cars are vehicles designed for people who want to turn heads and make a bold statement and we are all here for it if you wish to take that to another level.
  • More Fleet Vehicles – People are now realizing that advertising on fleet vehicles is a very cost-effective and non-aggressive way to advertise their business. The fleet vehicles we’ve wrapped have been some of the most interesting experiences for us and we wish to get a lot more of those jobs.

WE LIKE TO MAKE A STATEMENT – Every time we get a vehicle wrap job, it’s another milestone for us to achieve. We’re passionate and dedicated to what we do. The vehicle wrapping industry is all about people who want to stand out from the crowd and turn heads and that’s the same enthusiasm we put into our work to stand out from the rest of the vehicle wrap agencies in the area. We let our work speak for itself.

IF IT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR US IT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU  – Here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we use our own company vehicles, walls, and objects to promote our brand and it has been one of the best and cost-effective approaches to doing some non-aggressive advertising of our brand. The same could be done for any business, if you just take the time to look around, there are so many places where you could be featuring your brand logo. All you have to do is get a Vinyl Wrap and you’re good to go for years to come. 

Everyone who works at Vinyl Wrap Toronto knows that perfection comes with practice and that there is no limit to being perfect. It’s an everlasting process of learning and improvement. Here’s a bit of an introduction to who we have on our team.

  • PAOLO LEONE (Owner) – Paolo is someone who could be described as a source of abundant innovative ideas. He is always open to new ideas and suggestions and that’s what got him to this point in his life where he’s running this business. Paolo started working as a real estate agent, after excelling in that industry he decided to move into the print industry, vehicle wrap industry, workwear, corporate apparel, health safety board and web development services for clients, with more milestones to come. His vision is to become a one-stop branding shop for small to medium businesses.
  • OUR GRAPHIC DESIGNERS – We have a team of professional graphic designers waiting for you to ring the phone bell. Our designers are capable of rendering any graphic as long as the customer is aware of what they’re looking for. On top of being masters in their field, our designers speak various languages including but not limited to English,  Persian, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, etc.
  • OUR INSTALLERS – Installers are what people request to know more about because they’re the people who actually take the vinyl and put it on the customer’s vehicle. Vinyl Wrap Toronto is aware of how important that is. We have installers working at Vinyl Wrap Toronto having more than 10 years of experience.

Why Choose Us?

Premium Material

We only use premium-quality material offered by 3M, Avery Dennison and Hexis.

3 Year Warranty*

We include a 3-year warranty for any defective material that causes peeling, bubbling or fading.

Certified Installers

Our installers are certified professionals having years of experience wrapping all kinds of vehicles.

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