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Van Lettering & Decals are stickers and letters made of vinyl by cutting them in a certain shape. The beauty of vinyl stickers is their cost-effectiveness and the impact they make when applied to the vehicle. You’d be surprised to see what adding a sticker could do for the overall look of your vehicle.

Vinyl Wrap Toronto has done some interesting jobs that demanded artistry and an open mind. With decals, the possibilities go beyond the limit. Anything that you can imagine can be cut into stickers. The same goes for lettering. There is an abundant amount of font styles to choose from. The client calls all the shots.

In the case of vans, the lettering & decals requests we get are often for commercial purposes. 90% of the time people request us for van lettering & decals for commercial reasons. Vans are relatively large vehicles with plenty of real estate to advertise something on them. Having that much surface to advertise something really opens up a lot more design options. Just like an artist would feel about having a bigger canvas.

Lettering & Decals are preferred when you want to advertise on a budget. On the flip side, in some cases, our customers ask us for personal lettering & decal jobs. Personalizing your van is a great way to make a statement and turn heads by getting a personalized logo or quote on the vehicle.

Something that we believe the clients should know about before they move ahead with their decision to get lettering or decals, is that decals over the years will protect the paint under them. So, after years when people decide to take them off, they realize the colour under the decals has remained intact while the colour of the rest of the vehicle has become dull over time.

The wrap industry is all about creative thinking and a good hand to apply the vinyl onto a van.

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