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There are 3 types of boat wraps to consider when looking at updating or changing the look of your boat.

  1. Full Exterior Wrap

    As the name suggests, the entire hull of the boat is wrapped which not only allows you to customize the colour and graphic style of the boat but it also adds a layer of protection to the factory paint that is underneath. We only recommend wrapping to the waterline, if you would like to know more, contact our installation team.

  2. Partial Exterior Wrap

    This option is for the customer who wants to add a small amount of flair without covering the entire vessel from aft to bow. It could be a personal design, decals, boat registration numbers, or even company logos.

  3. Interior Boat Wrap

    While this is not as common as an external wrap, interior wrapping is a way for you to add a whole new level of customization to your boat. Popular among fishing boats as vinyl is easy to clean.

So now that you know what options you have for wrapping your boat, let’s take a look at the benefits of a vinyl wrap vs marine paint. Since vinyl material has no chemicals or solvents needed for its application it is safer for marine ecosystems than paints. Not to mention that cleaning vinyl requires no harsh chemicals. Keeping a wrap properly maintained is much simpler than painting, as vinyl requires no buffing, polishing, or skilled maintenance.

A well-done boat wrap can last for up to 7 years without fading. Keep in mind that a vinyl wrap should only be done for freshwater vehicles.

When washing your wrap, it is best to use warm or room temperature water, a marine-safe soap, and a soft non-abrasive brush or cloth. Never use any abrasives or solvents. Also, avoid using any power washing equipment because, at the right angle, they could cause your wrap to lift. It is recommended that you plan a cleaning schedule to make sure your vinyl wrap always looks perfect.

If you are planning to store your boat for the offseason, make sure it is properly covered with a UV protective cover, and if possible kept out of the sun. This will help to keep your boat wrap from fading.

Like most consumers, you will be doing your research into the cost as well. Not only does a vinyl wrap cost about a third of a paint job, but the time saved on installation vs paint also can’t be ignored. While a paint job would require a boat being out of the water in a boatyard for weeks, here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto a wrap can be done in a couple of days which gets you back on the water much faster.

Common concerns some boaters have when deciding on a wrap is that it may not look as good as a paint job, but that is just not the case. Unless you stick to a strict maintenance plan marine paint will show signs of wear much faster than a proper vinyl wrap will.

Here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we ensure that all of our boat wraps are done with the utmost attention to detail. We limit all seams and make sure that all vinyl above the water line is properly sealed so that your boat looks its best from season to season.

Check out our what we use page to get familiar with the high-quality products we have available here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto.

Give us a call at 416-746-1381 to talk to our experts regarding boat wrap cost, materials, etc. Or if you would like to visit us and see us in action, our garage is located at

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