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Car lettering & Decals refers to vinyl cut out into various shapes and letters depending on the customer’s vision. This is the most cost-effective approach to giving your car an upgrade. At Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we’ve done some interesting jobs that have demanded creativity and an open mind. With vinyl stickers, the possibilities are endless.

Anything that you can think of can be turned into lettering or a sticker. The same goes for lettering. There is an abundant number of fonts available online and the customer is free to pick whichever they like the most.

In the case of cars, the lettering & decals requests we receive are often for personal customization. Customers want to stand out in the crowd by showing off their favourite graphics on their cars. And our customers are creative when it comes to personalizing their vehicles.

Over the years we’ve seen some real outside-the-box thinking by our clients and our team took on the challenge with open arms. From unique racing stripes to names of vehicles, we have dabbled into all of it. On the other hand, in some cases, our clients ask us for commercial lettering & decal jobs. These decals are often their logos or slogans for the brands or products that they’re trying to promote.

So, in a nutshell, car lettering & vinyl stickers are a way to go if you’re looking to give your vehicle a personalized touch or promote your brand on a budget.

One thing that we believe the customers should be aware of before they move ahead with their decision to get lettering or decals, is that over the years they will protect the paint under them. So, after years when people take them off, they realize the colour under the sticker has remained the same while the colour of the rest of the vehicle has faded over time.

Here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we offer a wide range of trusted products to suit each client’s specific needs.

We are often asked, “How do I see out of my window if I put a large decal over it?”.

Perforated vinyl or “see-through” vinyl is used to make graphics that are solid, bright, and opaque when viewed from the outside, but are transparent from the inside.

Perforated vinyl is a material with a pattern of tiny holes cut out of it. There are so many of these holes that a significant amount of the material is removed. The amount of vinyl removed usually ranges from 30 to 50%.  For example, 60/40 vinyl, is 60% vinyl and 40% holes.

When designing for perforated vinyl it is important to understand that the image must be brighter than the space behind it. It is also important to know that one should avoid using intricate detail and small font. Avoid using large amounts of dark colours like dark browns, blacks, navy blues and deep purples.

Perforated vinyl plays small tricks on the eyes. Naturally, our eyes will focus on the bright printed surface rather than the dark spaces behind it. So the colour choice for window graphics is extremely important.

Window decals and lettering should be cleaned regularly. You can use a mixture of soap and water, and non-abrasive cloths/rags to gently wipe down your vinyl stickers or lettering. It is not recommended to take your wrapped vehicle through an automated/automatic car wash or to use a pressure washer at home as this can cause damage to the material.

The car wrap industry is all about creative thinking and a good hand to apply the vinyl onto your car.

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