Food Truck Wraps In Toronto & GTA


Are you looking for an exclusive way to make your food truck stand out from the crowd? Are you looking for an economical advertising solution that will help elevate more business wherever you go? For mobile food businesses, the vehicle itself is the best advertising tool. With a contemporary, bold design and a style that shows off your business’ values, your truck can become a popular food joint.

One of the effective ways to give your truck an exquisite and noticeable look is with vinyl wrapping. Vinyl wraps allow you to create a detailed design, customized according to your branding. With this process, you can convert a plain and boring truck into a trendy stand-out vehicle.

Vinyl Wrap Toronto is here to provide an ideal solution for getting people all excited about tasting your food with a custom-designed wrap for your truck.

All our food truck wraps are specifically designed to meet the needs of each unique business to ensure that each business’ marketing and advertising is being properly geared towards its target market.

Our primary focus is to put on a visually appealing truck wrap to bring potential customers over for a bite! Our team of designers has the skills and vision to come up with a wrap design that gets your business noticed.


You can pick from various types of wraps for your truck.


Usually, food trucks have a full wrap on them, as it provides full coverage for the entire surface area and catches the attention of the customer. It helps protect the truck’s paint and is a better choice from an advertising perspective. You will have the following advantage from the full wrap:

  • More room for design elements:

    Covering most surface areas will leave you with room to work with the design. While more doesn’t always mean better, ensure to create a theme and pre-plan everything.

  • More Visibility:

    Branding on the entire truck means more advertising. A well-planned design will help customers recognize your brand from any side of the vehicle, increasing your chances of success.


Instead of covering the entire truck, some operators choose to apply a partial wrap. Here are some advantages of a partial wrap:

  • Budget-Friendly:

    Partial wraps use less vinyl; therefore, they typically have a lower cost. Partial wraps are a great way to cut costs without sacrificing the customized design of your truck.

  • The best option for temporary use:

    You can modify or change the wrap as per your preference. It is much easier with partial wraps.


Promoting your food truck with graphics or simply your contact information.


Well-planned food truck wraps do much more than just look visually appealing. Some of the many benefits of food truck wraps are:

  1. Makes a great first impression
  2. Expands your audience
  3. Protects the finishing of your vehicle
  4. Helps in brand revamping
  5. 24/7 Advertising & Marketing
  6. Gives people something to associate your brand with.


Whether you are wanting to learn more about the wrap or want to know the quote, we are always here. Our team of creative experts can help you create the perfect vinyl wrap for your truck. We are at 416-746-1381 or visit our office at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON, M9W1B4 to speak about food truck wrap cost, materials used, etc.

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