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Car Wrap Colours (Avery Dennison & 3M)


When getting a vehicle wrap, it is extremely essential that you are aware of the kind of material being used.  The market is full of materials that could be used for vehicle wraps. But not all those materials are worth considering. At Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we only use the material listed below; the reason for that being the cost-effectiveness, lifespan, reliability, and least aftereffects of these supplies.

AVERY DENNISON  & 3M – Avery  & 3M  are the only two vinyl wrap materials that we use at Vinyl Wrap Toronto. They come with 1 year of manufacturer guarantee. We consider them to be the best quality materials you can find on the market today; the reason being their durability, flexibility, and lifespan. Some of the perks of using these wrap sheets:

    • Quick Installation – Avery Dennison is incredibly easy to install as compared to the other materials available in the industry. Its flexibility makes it easier to mold it into any shape. However, 3M is a bit tricky to install as compared to Avery but still quite quick when compared to the rest of the materials available in the industry.
    • UV Barrier – When applied, Avery  & 3M Wraps act as a UV ray barrier and protect your vehicle from the wrath of the sun.
    • Protects against paint damage and scratches – The durability and endurance of Avery Dennison & 3M help protect your vehicle’s natural paint and prevent scratches.
    • Won’t Peel Easily – When applied properly, Avery Dennison & 3M won’t peel easily unless wanted. This is because of their strong adhesive.
    • Easy to Remove – Their quick installation characteristic also helps to take them off with the same ease. The premium quality adhesive leaves no sticky surface behind and keeps the original paint of the vehicle intact.
    • Lifespan – Both Avery Dennison & 3M offer almost 5-7 years of lifespan or even longer if the customer follows the guidelines given by our experts.
    • Colour Options & Finishes – When it comes to having a wide array of available colours, These two offer the most variety. However, 3M has a wider range of available colour options and finishes when compared to Avery.
    • Cost-effective – Considering the benefits and lifespan of these two materials, in the long run, these are the most cost-effective options available out there.
    • Premium Quality – All the above-mentioned characteristics of these materials, give them a premium look and feel. It is impossible to distinguish between a fully wrapped car using these products and a car without a wrap. A complete colour change using these materials looks as natural as it can get.

Avery Dennison & 3M offer a wide range of products for different vehicle wrap requirements.

  • Colour Vinyl with a layer of laminate
  • Printable Vinyl Wrap Sheet with Laminate (To print custom graphics)
  • Magnetic Vinyl (Vinyl Stickers on magnets)
  • We’re a distributor of Lamin-X Protective films (Such as paint protection films, headlight tinting, window tinting, taillight tinting, etc)
  • Coming Soon – Ceramic Pro Protection (Nano Technology Surface Protection)

WHY DO WE ONLY USE AVERY DENNISON & 3M – The answer is simple because they’ve been the industry forerunners and the quality of these products is unmatched by any other brands available on the market today. We believe our customers deserve the best.

TOOLS WE USE – It takes special equipment to apply vinyl wrap onto a vehicle. Here are some of the most common tools that we use to give your vehicle an upgrade.

  • Alcohol & Vinegar – The first thing we do before we start wrapping the vehicle is to clean the vehicle with vinegar and alcohol to get rid of all the dust and debris. This is done to prevent unwanted dust under the vinyl to give it a flat smooth finish.
  • Squeegee – A squeegee is a flat hard plastic scraper that’s used to draw out the unwanted air from underneath the vinyl wrap to avoid bubble formation.
  • Screwdriver – A screwdriver is also one of the commonly used tools while wrapping a vehicle. It is for taking apart the different parts of the vehicle that need to be detached from the vehicle for a better finish.
  • A Good Knife and Blade – It is necessary to use a premium quality knife or blade during the installation process. This is to ensure that the vinyl sheet is cut with absolute precision avoiding uneven cuts.
  • Avery Dennison Wrap Gloves – It is important to wear good quality gloves while wrapping a vehicle. Our team uses Avery Dennison gloves; made specifically to be worn while wrapping vehicles. Wearing gloves helps with the trickier parts of the installation such as the corner and the grooves.
  • Premasking/Masking Tape – Premasking tape comes in handy while applying decals onto a vehicle. It helps keep the complex stickers in place so the design matches the customer’s vision.

We use only premium quality material to wrap your vehicle and we feature a large variety of car wrap colours.
Why are we saying this? Because 3M and Avery can last at least 5 years, protecting your vehicle from UV light.

Our designers and installation crew can help you with answers to the following question such as:

What would be the best colour to wrap my car?

We use 3M and Avery Dennison Vinyl to ensure that the vinyl looks good and will be durable.

Shoot us a quick message if you wish to learn more about car wrap costs, our staff will get back to you with a rough car wrapping price.

If you ever need a vehicle wrap in Toronto, we take care of your vehicle from design to applying the wrapping material! Wrapping is our area of expertise. We are here to offer guaranteed satisfaction!
Call us today at 416-746-1381.

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