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The paint protection film or PPF is a self-healing film that protects the paint of a vehicle from damage. Everyone who has a vehicle that goes out on the roads could use paint protection against all those environmental factors. A person could be the perfect driver who drives carefully, but that still is not enough to completely save your vehicle’s exterior from damage.

The vehicles that get exposed to harsh conditions such as damaged roads, dust, and muddy areas are most prone to getting damaged. In Canada, it can get extremely hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. With the heat cooking your car all day, the colour of your car will fade over time and may even start to chip. While in the winters, all that snow on the roads can cause scratches and chips on your vehicle’s paint. So, to prevent nature from ruining your perfect car, here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we offer paint protection film service to our clients who need it.

Our certified installers will make sure your car has a paint protection film on it in no time. We have years of experience putting on paint protection films on all kinds of vehicles and we’ve had a 100% satisfaction rate from our clients. Quality over quantity is our motto.

It is very much worth getting a paint protection film if it can keep your vehicle’s natural colour and shine intact for years. The paint acts as the barrier between the environment and your vehicle’s surface. We offer Lamin-X Protective films. The material we use is the best on the market today. Once wrapped, you can drive your car without having to worry about the paint being damaged for years to come. The paint protection film will endure the damage for years before it starts to lose the battle against mother nature, and when you decide to get the paint protection film off, you’d be happy to see the brand-new car underneath the protective film.

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