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Jeep & SUV Full Wraps in the GTA

Here are Vinyl Wrap Toronto we love getting to wrap Jeeps & SUV’s. A vinyl wrap lets you change the look of your jeep or SUV without a long term commitment. A wrap is a series of printed or cut pieces of vinyl that get placed over the body of your vehicle. The only limits are your budget and your imagination. One of the biggest benefits is that when installed and maintained correctly a full wrap protects the original paint job of your vehicle.

From custom patterns like camouflage to solid matte black, a full wrap offers your Jeep & SUV style options that are not found with a standard paint job. Now before you get to thinking that wrapping is a way to hide those scratches or dings on your vehicle, remember that even with a perfectly applied wrap job they will stick out like a sore thumb. Imperfections under the full wrap will always show through. So we will always recommend that any vehicle damage is repaired before a wrap is applied. Not only does this guarantee the look of your custom full wrap job, but make sure the material will adhere to the standards we pride ourselves on.

So because it is Canada and snow and ice are a yearly guarantee, we want you to know that when properly taken care of your full wrap will not get damaged by the ever changing weather. Our adhesive vinyls are designed to hold up against the harsh salt used on our roads in the winter. However precautions should be taken. Do not let salt accumulate on your vehicle, salt is extremely corrosive and should not be left on your vinyl for an extended period of time. If you want to learn more about our materials check out our page What We Use.

Here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto we take great care of our customers and the vehicles they trust us with. That being said lets talk a little bit about how we wrap your Jeeps & SUV’s. Firstly we will ask you to bring your vehicle in so one of our experts can look it over and talk with you about vision for your ride. Next we will take some pictures of the vehicle so we can identify any areas of concern ( scratches, dents, rust, etc ). One of our designers will get to work on your design and send you over a proof of your design mocked up to the outline of your specific Jeep or SUV model.

Once you approve your design, we get to work on printing or measuring out the vinyl we need to full wrap your mechanical pride and joy. Our next step is for you to bring your vehicle to us, we ask that you have it taken through a car wash prior to dropping it off to us. Our installers will then wipe your car down again before the application phase just to be extra sure that any dust, dirt and grime is removed to insure the install is flawless.

The last step is to actually wrap the vehicle. During this we will take your design and apply it to the entire vehicle, using a mixture of pressure and heat. Once we are satisfied we polish it up, snap a couple pictures and hand your revitalized vehicle back to your eager hands.

Didn’t see your make or model of Jeep or SUV in our gallery, then come on by and speak with us. We are extremely confident that we can get you the wrap you want, scratch that the full wrap you need in your life.

Give us a call today on 416-822-3232 or visit our garage at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON, M9W 1B4 in the GTA to discuss your options.