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Vinyl Wrap Toronto Ram Caravan 2018 Avery Dennison White Van Decals Surgically Clean Air

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The 2nd and 3rd vans that Surgically Clean Air Commissioned Vinyl Wrap Toronto to add Decals were Ram Caravans. The first one was a Ram Promaster City, a useful vehicle for deliveries and cargo. The Ram Caravans are a multi-purpose van that many companies use. Vinyl Wrap Toronto has done everything from full wraps to decals on the Ram Caravan. Adding Decals is normally quicker than a partial or a full wrap. The part of the installation that takes time is measuring and pre-masking.
To ensure that each side matches and that the decals replicate the proofs, multiple measurements need to be taken. Our installation crew has multiple years of experience and has learned what points to use when measuring.

The rear windows were wrapped in perforated vinyl, so the driver still has some visibility. Vinyl Wrap Toronto uses perforated vinyl 90% of the time to wrap windows. Very seldom does a wrap call for the windows to be non-see through.

Most clients are happy with the look of the perforated vinyl as opposed to full vinyl. The only difference between full and perforated vinyl is the life of the vinyl, perforated vinyl does not last as long due to the holes in the vinyl.

Visit us at 24 Ronson Drive, Unit 1, Etobicoke to speak to one of our Graphic team members about your Commercial Ram Caravan wraps. Click here to view more of Vinyl Wrap Toronto’s van wraps.

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