Complete Unwrap Porsche Cayman

Vinyl Wrap Toronto Porsche unwrapped Yellow Cayman Carbon Fiber Before After front - Vehicle Wrap Cost

Complete Vinyl Unwrap

Vinyl Wrap Toronto wrapped this vehicle in Summer 2019 with the intention of taking the Porsche to car shows. The owner decided to sell the Porsche Cayman and so Vinyl Wrap Toronto did a complete vinyl unwrap. The Porsche Cayman is a smallish car to wrap in terms of material, and it still took the same time to complete the wrap as a larger vehicle. This is true for the unwrapping; it took the same amount if not a little longer to perform the vinyl unwrap due to the amazing job of our installation team.

The wrap called for Carbon Fiber Black vinyl on the rear of the Porsche and Gloss Flip Psychedelic vinyl on the front. The Carbon Fiber Black is from Avery Dennison range and the Gloss Flip Psychedelic is from the 1080 series 3M range. 3M and Avery Dennison are rated as one of the best types of vinyl on the market and are guaranteed for 5 to 7 years. When we wrap muscle or sports cars, the general rule is that the wrap will most likely be removed within 2-3 years. This is not due to the wrap, this is due to either the owner selling the vehicle or getting bored and wanting a change.

The original colour of the Porsche Cayman was Yellow which looks awesome on the car. This is not the easiest colour to do a colour change with as we found out during the wrap. We suggest buying either a black or white car as they are generally easier to wrap. This is mainly because a black door handle and door seals against a darker colour will look more intentional. A bright colour like the original yellow on this car took more time and material to cover so it looked good.  We hope the new owner of the Porsche Cayman that we did a complete unwrap of enjoys the vehicle for years to come.

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