Full Van Vinyl Removal for Resale Ford E-150

Vinyl Wrap Toronto Ford E150 2014 Removal Red White Van Main - Vinyl Remove

Ford E-150 Full Vinyl Remove Job

We had a local commercial truck and van dealer stop by the shop recently asking if we could do a full vinyl removal job on this red Ford E-150 van he was trying to sell. The red vinyl was applied about 5 years ago and was looking a little faded.

Of course, we here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto said yes to his request. He explained to us that the vehicle (Ford E-150) would be more attractive to buyers if it was white. Which is a win for the dealer as the original colour under the red vinyl wrap is white.
The dealer left the vehicle with us and within a day our crew was able to do the Vinyl Remove job successfully.

Removal of the vinyl is a simple process for our experienced installation crew. The original red vinyl was applied professionally so was easy to remove. The dealer popped by while the vehicle was being unwrapped to see the progress.

The images show what a difference removing the old red vinyl can make to the look of the van. A full vinyl removal is not common unless the customer wants to completely change the look of the vehicle.

For a vehicle of this size with the detail of wrapping, our crew worked to ensure that all the vinyl was removed without leaving any residue or marks on the van. After a quick clean using specialized cleaning fluid, the van is ready for collection.

This white van looks almost new now that the old vinyl is removed. The vinyl protected the factory white paint extremely well so that the dealer does not need to repaint the vehicle. We also offer paint protection so your vehicle can look this good after 5 years of being on the road. Click here to find out more about the Paint Protection options we offer. All that is needed now before going back on sale is a quick drive-through wash to clean the windows.

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