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Full Truck Wrap

This full vinyl wrap for Rock Bottom was done last year on their existing Fuso truck. When the truck first arrived with the decals on, it was still in great condition. One of the biggest problems with wrapping older trucks is rust, due to chips or damage in the paint. A large no-no in the wrapping industry is to just cover over issues. We always suggest dealing with them before and allow us to make it look awesome.

The customer wanted to refresh the truck to ensure it makes a statement wherever it is. Our installation crew had to remove the decals before the full truck wrap was applied. Vinyl Wrap Toronto’s design team worked with the truck measurements to complete the final look.
The client wanted the full truck wrap to show what Rock Bottom underpinning does as a company on the truck. To wrap a full truck like this takes skills that our installation crew has developed over the last 20 years. These trucks were not designed to be fully wrapped, they are full of curves and holes. This makes the install trickier and all the more satisfying when complete. You will not see many full truck wraps on the road. Avery Dennison Vinyl was used for this wrap and is rated to last up to 7 years. Before leaving the garage, we went through the aftercare instructions with the driver and owner. Vinyl is similar to paint when it comes to making it last, the major difference to most people is the washing. We always suggest to hand wash your wrapped vehicle, whether it’s a full wrap or just decals. Pressure washing or car washes can damage the vinyl and cause it to start peeling.

If you would like to know more about your wrap options. Visit us at 24 Ronson Drive, Unit 1, Etobicoke to speak to one of our experienced installers about your Commercial Truck wrap.

If you would like to see other Rock Bottom Wrap that we did, Click Here.  Vinyl Wrap Toronto wrapped this one in December using the template from the Fuso Truck wrap. We look forward to wrapping more of Rock Bottom’s vehicle.
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