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Grasshopper Partial Wrap – Commercial Vehicle Graphics

Vinyl Wrap Toronto Chevrolet Volt 2017 Avery Dennison Green Car Partial Grasshopper Collage - Vinyl Wrap Cost

Partial Wrap

This electric vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt, is the perfect car to advertise a solar panel company. This little vehicle was a cool partial wrap. The incorporation of solar panels on the roof and side of the car was a great idea by the clients and the design team. Scott McGillivray gave his permission for Grasshopper to use is image and name for their advertising.  Having a public figure endorsement your company can increase your profile. Including his name and image on the vehicle raises the impact of this partial wrap. The shade of green colour choice was done intentionally to stand out even in traffic. The back of the car was left gray to match the companies branding at the time and white decals was added. Wrapping the roof on a small car like this is so much quicker than doing a larger can or truck.

The whole look is complemented by doing the roof, it ensures the finish is flawless. Doing the roof also gives the design team more space to add graphics on such a small vehicle. This completed Grasshopper partial wrap will be on the road without any issues for up to 7 years.

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