Zuccarini Partial Van Wrap Ram Promaster

Vinyl Wrap Toronto Ram ProMaster City 2019 Avery Dennison White Van Partial Zuccarini

Partial Van Wrap

Zuccarini added another Ram ProMaster City van to its fleet. The vehicle is to be used for deliveries by Zuccarini. The partial wrap of the back of the van and the decals on the front add branding to the vehicle. The customers asked for quite a few logos to be present on the van.

Before any installation of the vinyl, our installation crew had to remove parts of the van. This is usually when wrapping most vehicles. To get the vinyl to look like a paint job or better, we tuck the vinyl into or around parts.

Vinyl Wrap Toronto’s installers are qualified Avery Dennison vinyl installers. The installation crew also must be able to dismantle the body panels and reattach them. This job takes finesse and muscle so that nothing is damaged during the process. Each vehicle that we install vinyl on has different levels of work that are necessary. With the back getting a full wrap including the bumpers, more must be removed to complete the install.

The clients were very specific about the finish of the partial van wrap so to match an existing vehicle. Our graphic design team worked using the files and photos Zuccarini provided to finish the design. Even the laminate was chosen by the customer to match the other vehicle. The roof of the van was to be partially wrapped, unlike wider vehicles, this one proved to be a simpler process.
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