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The BAOBAB Project – Helping Out Our Less Fortunate Friends

The world is a fast-moving place. Sometimes people can’t catch up with the pace and they fall through the cracks, which has an even more damaging effect on their children. If you’re reading this, you have a lot to be grateful for and the least we can do is try to put a smile on the faces of our less fortunate friends. 

Recently, one of our team members came across Mr. Steve who has started a local charity called the “BAOBAB Project”. BAOBAB Is an abbreviation for “Being About Our Brother’s Awesome Business”. What the charity does is, it collects damaged abandoned bicycles, gets them repaired and gives them to our little friends who could use a bicycle. Or they repair the bikes for free for our friends who have damaged their bikes and want to get them back on the road. 

When we met Mr. Steve and found out about this wonderful cause, we offered our helping hand to support the initiative. We installed Vinyl Decals on Mr. Steve’s Bicycle Trailer to spread awareness about the cause.

We did not wrap the whole trailer as the budget had to be taken into account as this was a charity organization. Mr. Steve also did not want anything too loud or in your face. We settled on the decals you can see in the photos.

Mr. Steve says the following about the project:

The BAOBAB project is the result of many people joining hands to “BAOBAB” or Being About Our Brother’s Awesome Business. Jesus was in the business of reconciling people to God and to each other, and we see one way to bring people together is over bicycles. This year, between the efforts of many churches, New Hope Community Bikes in Hamilton, friends rescuing bikes from scrap as far away as Scarborough and Cottage country, and bikes from neighbors, we’ve been able to refurbish and give out around 250 bikes to the neighborhood kids and other people who needed them. We have put bikes on hold for the winter months but look forward to resuming operations in the spring.

“Many thanks to Paolo and the crew at Vinyl Wrap Toronto for the beautiful signage and trailer decals that make our presence brighter and much more professional”.

We appreciate him giving us the opportunity to help.

If you have a bicycle that you no longer wish to keep or if you know someone who could use a free bike repair, the BAOBAB project is offering a helping hand. You may contact Mr. Steve at 416-371-9660 if you come across such a case. Your contribution could be the reason for someone’s dream coming true.

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