Vehicle Vinyl Unwrapping; Seems as easy as peeling a banana but it isn’t

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Vehicle Unwrap; Your Guide to a Safe Unwrap – Expert Advice

It goes without saying that there comes a time when you have to unwrap your wrapped car. This could be because of a multitude of reasons. Although it seems as easy as squeezing a lemon, it actually is not. If you are thinking about doing it yourself, you might want to know what could possibly go wrong. 

Before we jump into what could go wrong, one of our returning clients, a radio station “Z103.5” got some decals done by Vinyl Wrap Toronto. The decals were applied to a sponsored vehicle to do the job for a short period and after that, they were to be taken off. Our client was aware of the complications of the unwrapping process. One of the vehicles was the Kia Soul 2019 and another Kia Sorento 2019. We installed decals on both of these vehicles and also took them off without any damage.

When we say unwrapping isn’t easy, it is because there are a lot of factors that contribute to making the process harder than it seems. These include:

  1. The quality of wrapping material.
  2. The time it has been on the car.
  3. Whether your vehicle has gone under the knife (eg: Custom Paint Job)
  4. Whether there were chipped paint patches when you got the vehicle wrapped.
  5. How well you have maintained the wrap.
  6. Age of the car and possible Rust.

Now, with all those things in mind, the only thing that could go wrong is that you or an inexperienced person unwrapping your pride and joy may accidentally damage the colour of your vehicle. Saving a few bucks is never worth more than paying for a paint job. Unwrapping is a game for experienced professionals, who have been dealing with wrapping and unwrapping for years on all kinds of vehicles.

At Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we have wrapped countless vehicles over the last decade and unwrapped a fair share of those wrapped vehicles. We have seen cases where a client tried to do it himself or hired an amateur installer and in both cases, they ended up damaging the paint job of their vehicle. Over the years, the vinyl’s adhesive grows only stronger. A stronger grip between the paint and vinyl has the ability to peel off the paint with it. This generally happens when people get vinyl wraps of questionable material. So, it is very important that you get it done using quality material if you’re not looking to face problems when unwrapping it.

Just like wrapping, unwrapping requires undivided attention and a series of actions and tricks to get the vinyl off safely without hurting the car. We have experienced installers who know how it’s done. We give a 100% guarantee as long as the vehicle was wrapped by us. For others, wrapped by other installers and wrapped using questionable material, we rely on our experience to do the job.

If you’ve got a wrapped vehicle that needs to take off the mask, we’re here to make it happen for you. Give us a call at 416-746-1381 or visit our garage at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON, M9W1B4 to speak to one of our experts.

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