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Vinyl Window Signs for Fitness 365

Window signs are one of the best ways to advertise your business.  We here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto have our own windows covered in signage.  This helps to show our products and show where the entrance is to our office.  Fitness365 is a neighbor of ours and is under new ownership.
So, they wanted to make a big splash with the announcement.  With many people choosing to get fit as a new year’s resolution, Fitness365 decided on some new advertising to attach new clients.  Our in-house design team and installation crew worked together to make the vinyl standout in the passing 401 traffic. Fitness365 is perfectly placed just off the 401 so these Window Signs catch the passing traffic.  The installation crew had to clean the windows before they could apply the vinyl.  The bushes in front of the windows also proved a little tricky for our installers.  This did not deter us from completing the job to ours and the customer’s satisfaction.

The before and after pictures show how a dramatic splash of Yellow colour can add to the advertising banners’ ability to pop.  The vinyl was placed on the windows so that the sign stands out at night when the lights are on in the gym.  This was done by the owner purposefully as he has multiple signs already.  If you would like to see more of our Window Graphics Click here.

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