Common Misconceptions when Wrapping a Vehicle with Vinyl Wrap

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Busting the common misconceptions, sharing facts & information about Vinyl Wrap

We here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto would like to make it an easy decision when it comes to choosing which way to go with your ride by answering some of the Common Misconceptions when Wrapping a Vehicle.
The most common misconceptions we answer here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto are:
– Longevity of the wrap,
– Price,
– Protection,
– Difficulty of Installation,
– Removal of the vinyl?
Our installation crew and graphic design team have teamed up to answer these questions to make wrapping your pride and joy that much easier.

Longevity of the wrap

The longevity of the wrap depends on a few important things. Firstly, the quality of the Vinyl, we recommend using either 3M or Avery Dennison as they are the current leading manufacturers with the best warranties on the market. Secondly, aftercare of your vehicle, we always suggest to our clients to avoid pressure washing the vehicle, hand washing is best and will ensure the vinyl wrap lasts up to 7 years. We have tested the vinyl wrap on an employee’s car by putting it through a car wash 3 times a week for a year. This had no effect on the finish or look of the vinyl.


Price is important to most people, although what really matters is value. We only use quality vinyl products that are tried and tested by our installation crew. Our installers have years of experience, so you can be assured of a premium install and finish.


Protection might not be everyone’s first thought, adding vinyl to your car is like adding a protective plastic film to your vehicle. This helps to protect your car from small stones and chips that you could pick up from the road. The added incentive to use vinyl is the option to change the colour and finish of your vehicle without having to get a new paint job.

Difficulty of Installation

The difficulty of installation depends on the design of the graphics and can affect the price more than the actual vinyl product used. We also take good care of the vehicle to ensure nothing happens while in our possession. Some of the installs require us to remove body panels and/or parts of the vehicle to apply the vinyl seamlessly and get the desired graphic effect.

Removal of the vinyl

Removal of the vinyl is easily done by an experienced installer and will not damage the paintwork beneath the vinyl. We highly suggest speaking to our installation crew before removing any vinyl or stickers that are on your vehicle.

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