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Decals – Ford E150 – Avery Dennison – 254 Roofing Co.

Decals - Ford E150 - Avery Dennison - 254 Roofing Co copy

Ford E-150 Custom Decals

If you are looking to increase the exposure of your brand or simply want to make your business/corporate vehicle more colourful, keep reading. This article is on our client 254 Roofing Co. and how they branded their van.

254 Roofing Co. wanted to have their company logo on their van, a hybrid Ford E-150. After a consulting session with our graphic design experts and sales team, they decided to have a roof-shaped company logo and number on the back doors and the sides of their Ford E-150 hybrid van. Our experts found Avery Dennison’s materials and green, blue, red, and black decal colours the most appropriate for this project.

The van was then in the hands of our installers who have more than 10 years of experience in the car-wrapping industry. Our quick turnaround limited the downtime on 254 Roofing Co.’s schedules since after 48 hours the van was back in business, ready to advertise with their creative decals and increase organic customer size.

If you’d like to learn more about decals, letterings, and full wraps or simply want to make a little change with your car, we suggest chatting with our team. You can reach them at 416-746-1381 or email us at

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