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Roof Wrap

Need a trip back to the swinging ’60s. This 1962 Ford Falcon has been lovingly resorted by its current owner. The customer reached out to us at Vinyl Wrap Toronto to wrap his Ford Falcon Roof in Gloss Light Ivory. This is not the usual colour for us to use or wrap with, but the finish looks amazing. This car was painted Monte Carlo red originally when built, so the owner chose to restore it to its original specifications. We used 3M vinyl to wrap the roof, our installation crew has years of experience.

This Ford Falcon roof wrap was a quick job for our installation crew. The only part of the job that took time was the heating of the vehicle. We required the car to stay overnight before we could start the install. Once the roof was wrapped, the owner left the car with us for a further 24 hours to let the adhesive cure. Once the warmer weather arrives, look out for this car on the roads. The owner bought this car to drive, not just sit in a garage. This Ford might not have the power or prestige of other 1960 cars, but she still looks good and drives great.
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