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Vinyl Wrap Toronto Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG 2016 Avery Dennison Black Car Full Collage - 3M Vinyl Wrap Cost

Full Car Wrap

One of our business clients dropped off his pride and joy, his C63 AMG Mercedes for a Full Black Satin wrap. We have wrapped a few of his company trucks and were so pleased with our work. So, when he decided to rewrap his Merc, he came to Vinyl Wrap Toronto first. The car’s old vinyl wrap was starting to show its age. This AMG was done over 5 years ago and was ready for a refresh.

We don’t get many Mercedes C63 at Vinyl Wrap Toronto to full car wrap. We normally either wrap American muscle cars and trucks. This is a pleasure to have in the shop to wrap and the client keeps popping in to see the progress.

Our installation team had to remove the old vinyl and clean up the vehicle before any new vinyl could be applied. The removal of the old vinyl is easy if you know-how and have the right tools. Vinyl Wrap Toronto and other shops will never recommend doing this yourself. To get the Mercedes ready for its full car wrap to Satin Black. All the decals, door handles, and insignias had to be removed. Our experienced crew was able to complete this with ease and cleaned the Mercedes ready for its new vinyl.

The customer wanted the new vinyl, black satin, to match his recently wrapped bumpers. He also asked Vinyl Wrap Toronto to wrap the wing mirrors to match the rest of the car. After the rest of the car was done, he decided to leave the mirrors as they matched the pillars.

When a full car wrap is done, some parts of the vehicle are left untouched. Normally the insides of the door handles, wing mirrors, and inside the doors are not wrapped on a commercial vehicle.  To get these parts wrapped is more expensive because of labor and material. Also doing certain parts of the car would result in more seams being created which is generally the weakest part of a wrap.
The finished car looks amazing, so now the sound and speed are matched by the look of the car.

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