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Mini Cooper Hardtop Decals – A Dream Turned Into Reality

Vehicle Decals are your thing if you want to go wild with your imagination. If we haven’t made it clear by now, well, this story will for sure get you to believe in the power of decals. Being in the business for so many years, we have seen our fair share of interesting requests from our customers. Being able to manifest our clients’ vision, is what keeps us going. We are grateful to get the opportunity to work with these creative people.

Vinyl Wrap Toronto was recently contacted by Ms. Lodato through one of our social media platforms. To her, it seemed a little complex, she thought it would not be possible, but she took a chance. She was very clear about her dream. She wanted her tattoo turned into a vehicle decal and put on her Mini Cooper Hardtop’s Hood. 

It was a custom-designed tattoo of a mythological dragonfly. At first glance, the tattoo looks like a mashup between a dragon and a dragonfly. Since she wanted something minimal and elegant, this tattoo decal was a really great idea.

The first challenge here for us was that she only had a picture of the tattoo’s original drawing. In order to turn it into a car decal, we had to convert the design shown in the picture into a vector file. Fortunately for her, Vinyl Wrap Toronto has a team of experienced graphic designers who have been manifesting our clients’ visions into reality for years. We took the job with great pleasure and started recreating the tattoo.

Now, one of the cool things about having something converted into a vector artwork file, is that you can actually have the design modified, which is exactly what she did. She wanted the dragonfly’s tongue to be a bit longer than it is on her tattoo. This was a simple request for our graphic design team. 

We presented the converted file to her and she was quite impressed with the work we had done so far. She approved the design and we started the process to bring her dream to life. 

We printed the design onto premium quality clear printable vinyl offered by 3M and laminated it. The vinyl was only as big as the design to help reduce the cost and meet the client’s budget. We only use quality material offered by 3M & Avery Dennison at Vinyl Wrap Toronto. Because when it comes to our client’s satisfaction, there are to be no compromises with quality. 

Once everything was ready, it was a quick install for our installation team. It would be time-consuming and tricky for someone with little to no experience.  Not for our installers, who have mastered the art of vehicle graphics and wraps over the years. 

So, that’s the story of a creative client, who wanted something personal as a decal on her Mini Cooper Hardtop. We’ve attached pictures of the Mini Cooper Hardtop for you to see how well it turned out. What we got out of this as a lesson:

“One design multiple applications”.

To see more pictures of similar vehicles like the Mini Cooper Hardtop we’ve done, please visit our blog page here.

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