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Are you a Mobile Business and looking to wrap your vehicle? Dog Groomers, Fastfood, Barbers and Hairdresser on wheels have been around for a few years. None as long as Ice Cream trucks, they were one of the first mobile businesses. Ice cream start off been sold from wagons and push carts and around the 60’s moved to trucks. Many of the trucks have kept the old design over the years, only the ice cream available has changed.
Small Businesses
Other small businesses are making it more popular to be mobile by taking their services and goods to their customers. Similar to what the Ice Cream vendors did in the early 1900’s. A quick search around the Toronto Area revealed several businesses that will come to you now. One such vehicle related business, will come to your home or place of work to change your winter tires to summer ones and will even store them for you. These mobile businesses have been using their vehicles for advertising for years. Speak to one of our team at Vinyl Wrap Toronto today about your Mobile Business Wrap.
If you are just looking to get small Decals/stickers or magnets, then you can apply them yourself. If you are looking to make a statement with the wrap, we can wrap your whole car or do a partial wrap. This all depends on your vision and budget. Our in-house graphics team will work with you to ensure the advertising is clear and gets the right message across.

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