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Truck Decals

Here are some of the past truck decals Vinyl Wrap Toronto has completed. Companies have found that decals on the side of a vehicle help with advertising. Decals rather than a full or partial wrap is a great option if you like the colour of the vehicle.
It also tends to be up to 50% cheaper than a full wrap depending on the graphics and material. Vinyl decals are a better option than magnets since magnets are only rated for up to 80kms an hour speed.  We also understand that some companies use leased vehicles, the vinyl can be easily removed. Our installation crew can remove the decals and return the vehicle to its original state. Click here to view a full wrap removal. We have added decals to larger trucks like the Hino and Silverado 3500. The most popular truck sold in Canada last year the Ford f-150, Vinyl Wrap Toronto has wrapped quite a few.  We have in the past added decals to all the major brands and truck makes.

Speak to one of our experts at 416-746-1381 to get a quote for a decal on your truck. Vinyl Wrap Toronto has used the same logo that we applied to the vehicles to brand other items as well. Whether with vinyl or printed, we can brand anything with your company logo.

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