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Personal Vehicle Wrap – Why Choose VWT?

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Is a personal vehicle wrap job worth it? Experts at Vinyl Wrap Toronto Have The Answer.

Having a car in today’s world is a necessity, which is why almost everyone has one and if they don’t, they’re planning to get one. With countless options available, it becomes a real dilemma. Every car offers something special and with the current options available in the market you are likely to find a car that you fancy.

However, there’s a good chance that the car you end up getting is quite popular and you end up seeing a lot of people having the same car. It sort of kills the whole new car vibe and the feeling of owning something special. We at Vinyl Wrap Toronto recognize how frustrating that is, to invest in something that you love and not feeling special because a lot of people around you have the exact same car.

What if we told you that there’s a way for you to make your car one of a kind? Yes, you read that right. A personal Vinyl Vehicle Wrap on your vehicle is all you need to breathe new life into your factory-issued vehicle. When you open yourself up to the world of Vinyl Vehicle Wrapping, there are endless possibilities in which you can change the appearance of your vehicle. All you have to do is imagine, and we’ll take care of the rest. You could be the muse and we’ll be the painters that bring your vision to life.

Car companies seem to follow a general design with a narrow number of customizable elements. This does little to nothing to satisfy everyone knowing that people have different tastes. Fortunately, with a bit of vinyl Vehicle wrap on your car, you can personalize your vehicle however you want, at least from the outside. There are no limits when it comes to picking out your favourite graphic or design for a vehicle wrap. We’re listing down the most popular ways people like to freshen up their car’s look:

  • Racing Stripes
    As the name suggests, racing stripes are sheets of vinyl cut out in a shape that resembles a stripe to give your vehicle a sporty and stylish look. Racing stripes is one of the most popular ways for people to express themselves. With the right colour combination, you’d end up turning heads when you drive down the street. We offer a lot of pre-designed ideas for racing stripes for you to choose from. However, if you’ve got something in your mind we have expert designers to create a design that matches your vision and get it on your car in no time.
  • Decals
    Decals are stickers that go on your car, decals could be anything, from a logo to a personal quote. The possibilities are limitless. Decals are a great way to express yourself and be gentle with your wallet. You can put decals on any flat surface on your car such as the hood, sides, windows, etc. There is a special type of material called perforated vinyl. Decals printed on this material will allow you to partially see through them without allowing others to see in.
  • Wrap Mirrors or Front Grills
    People who own high-end cars, prefer to wrap special parts of their vehicles which people, in general, wouldn’t give a thought about. These parts include mirrors and front grills. These parts are very tricky to handle. One wrong move could result in damaging your car. Vinyl Wrap Toronto recently had a customer who paid $200 or so to a nonprofessional vehicle wrap company. It ended up costing him a lot more because they didn’t do a good job and when the customer asked them to remove the vinyl, they actually damaged the vehicle. With cut marks and scratches in the paint. It requires years of experience to be able to take off a wrap without damage. Our experts take the necessary time to do the job with perfection and without damaging the vehicle. We at Vinyl Wrap Toronto, treat the vehicles as if they’re our own.


Not to toot our own horn, Vinyl Wrap Toronto offers the best quality service in the area. One instance to emphasize that we do our work professionally would be the example given above. A customer chose a vehicle wrap company for a personal wrap solely on them having a cheap price. It ended up costing the customer a lot more money because the personal wrap he got was done using cheap quality material and by nonprofessional installers.

Not only did these installers not do a good job wrapping his car, but when he asked them to remove the vinyl wrap they damaged the car in the process. Sadly the statement is true, ‘You get what you pay for’. Here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we offer state-of-the-art personal wrap service at a reasonable price. We use the highest quality Avery Dennison & 3M materials to wrap vehicles with personal graphics. It lasts for years before it starts to lose the battle against time.

Having good quality material means nothing when the installation team is not capable of using that material properly. Vinyl Wrap Toronto has capable installers who have been working for years wrapping all kinds of vehicles and even objects. So, you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands. Quality and customer satisfaction are the things that inspire us to keep doing better.

People are very attached to their cars, why shouldn’t they be? After all, they take these cars everywhere they go. It won’t be wrong to say cars are like their babies for some people. And who wants something that’s so close to them handled poorly? No one. Vinyl Wrap Toronto offers full assurance to its customers that their cars will be in capable hands. Our installation team makes sure the job is done while keeping the car intact.


Experts at Vinyl Wrap Toronto, before they take on a job, offer our customers a walk through all the different options and alternatives they could be taking advantage of. A person is always able to make a better decision when they’re aware of all the options available. We take time to walk you through every option and you’ll be the one to call the shots based on what suits your wants or needs. Here’s a list of questions you should ask a wrap company before making a decision.

If you have any questions about the vehicle wrapping process, please feel free to give us a call at 416-746-1381 or visit our garage at 24 Ronson Dr, Etobicoke, ON, M9W 1B4 to see us in action.

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