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5 Questions To ask the company when getting a car wrap

5 Questions to ask when getting a car wrap - - Best Car wrap shop in GTA - Avery Dennison - 3M cost

5 Questions to ask when getting a car wrap

Car wraps or vehicle wraps allow people to transform their car into something that matches their vision. When it comes to car wraps there are no limitations on what design you can get. Think of your car as a blank canvas and yourself as an artist. Anything you can imagine can be turned into a design, printed on vinyl and installed on your car. A car wrap is a cost-effective way to make your car one of a kind. 

You’d be surprised to see the kind of car wraps people get to express themselves. Car enthusiasts understand the thrill and joy of owning a car that turns heads and makes jaws drop. Now, this is not for everyone, but there is a growing number of extroverts using their vehicle to show their creativity.

So, let’s say you made up your mind about getting a car wrap. Before you go to the first shop and hand over your vehicle, here are a few things you should ask your potential wrap agency. Choosing the wrong company could result in a disappointing job and a damaged vehicle.

1. What material do you use?

This should be your first question and the answer to this should tell you whether it is your company or not. The market is full of various car wrapping materials. The quality of wrapping material determines its adhesive level, durability, lifespan, maintenance, removability and more. If you hear any of the following, you’re good. 

  • 3M – Vinyl Wrap Toronto considers this the best quality material available on the market for when you want a colour change as well as a custom-designed and printed wrap. It has a wide collection of colours and finishes that you can choose from. 
  • Avery Dennison: Another great option is to go with Avery Dennison. Apart from being one of the best quality materials, it is easy to install and remove.

If the wrap company you’re speaking to is using these materials, you shouldn’t worry about the material being used. Other Vinyl Wrap materials like Vivid are newer and considered good.  

2. Would you clean my vehicle before installing the wrap?

Most vehicle wrapping companies will ask you to pop your vehicle through a car wash before you drop it off at their garage. Car washes don’t clean everything and for a car wrap to sit tightly on the surface of your car, it needs to be spotless. Most good vehicle wrap companies would clean your vehicle with alcohol and vinegar or similar. If you hear that as a response, they’re doing it right.

3. Will my vehicle be safe at your facility?

You’re dropping off your car at their facility and it is your duty to make sure it is in good hands. Your vehicle is going to be at their facility for several days, so be sure to ask them if you can trust them with the safety of your car. Ask them the following:

  1. Where will your vehicle be stored?
  2. Does the shop have an alarm system and security?
  3. Is the facility insured?
  4. Would they take responsibility in case of an accident?

If you’re satisfied with the response you get to the above-written questions, you can move on to asking the next question.

4. Do you only do a colour change or commercial vehicle graphics as well?

This isn’t a biggie but it sure does tell you a little more about the kind of quality you will get. If the wrap company has been in the business for about a decade designing custom commercial vehicle wraps, then a personal car wrap should be easy for them. But if they just do a colour change, you can assume there is less equipment and the company might as well be started by amateurs who learned how to wrap via youtube videos. 

5. Can I See some of the work you’ve done?

Before you drop off your car for a wrap. First, see the kind of jobs that they have done in the past. Look for variety and creativity in their designs. While they’re fetching their records/portfolio, take a look around and see if they’re currently working on a vehicle to see them in action. If you’re satisfied with the answers you get from the company, you should be good to place the order for your car wrap.

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