Mercedes Sprinter Bluetec 2015 Vehicle Decals and Benefits

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Vehicle Decals for Mercedes Sprinter Bluetec 2015

Decals are variable-sized vinyl stickers that adhere to the surface of a vehicle. The shape or size of decals is entirely customizable and can vary depending on the client’s taste or requirement. It could be a personal graphic or a company logo; the reason could be anything. In this story, our customer decided to get decals on his Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van to promote a family business.

Vinyl Wrap Toronto recently received a request for promotional vehicle decals from a son who wanted to surprise his father. The Father and Son operate a company named “Regal Heights Marble” which is a Tile and Slab installation business. The Son wanted to take the business marketing to the next level and promote their business using the real estate on their company vehicle which is the Mercedes Sprinter Bluetec 2015. 

The client specifically chose to get decals because he wanted something minimal yet interesting enough to make the vehicle stand out in the crowd. The beauty of getting vehicle decals is that you have full control over the size, colour, design and finish; basically, all aspects of the way you want the decals to look. 

For the sides, the client approved to get a black background with their company information in the gold-coloured text to be placed on the back windows. This was to add privacy to the rear of the van. For that Vinyl Wrap Toronto used the premium quality material; Avery Dennison’s SW900 Series Printable Vinyl. The Decals on the sides beautifully display their company logo along with contact information such as phone number, website and email. With similar information for the back window decals, the client went with a different design, for which we used 60/40 perforated vinyl.  

The client was fully satisfied with the end results and he drove home with his personalized moving billboard of a vehicle. We’ve featured some images on this page for you to take a look at.

The reason why this client chose to get decals for his Mercedes Sprinter Bluetec 2015 was to promote their business. Your reason could be different. So, to help you reach a decision,

Here are some of the benefits of getting decals over other modes of marketing:

  1. Vehicle Decals are extremely cost-effective, especially when you consider their lifetime and low maintenance.
  2. Vehicle Decals allow you full freedom to imagine. Anything you can imagine can be turned into decals.
  3. Decals offer a large variety of colours and finish options.
  4. Compared to full or partial wraps, decals are far easier to install.
  5.  Vehicle Decals last for years and require little to no maintenance. So, you can literally just get decals and forget about them for several years.
  6. Decals give you the option to personalize your vehicle and freshen up its look.

Read Vehicle Decals; Make your vehicle stand out with your own personal touch.

To see more pictures of vehicles we’ve done, visit our blog page here.

If you wish to get decals or wraps for your vehicle, feel free to call us at 416-746-1381 or visit our garage located at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON, M9W1B4. We’d love to answer any of the questions you have and give a quote. Check out more van decals here

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