CAA’s Hino 258 2019 Truck Decals and Benefits

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Decals are variable-sized vinyl stickers that stick to the surface of your vehicle. Decals are a great way to express something through your vehicle. Whether it is a personal graphic or a graphic solely for the purpose of advertising your brand. The beauty of decals is that you can get any graphic in the form of decals at a very reasonable price. From reflective Vinyl to printable Vinyl decals, there’s a lot to choose from.

Recently Vinyl Wrap Toronto installed vehicle decals for the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) on their Hino 258 – 2019. CAA is one of our regular clients. Over the years we’ve been installing decals and wraps on their company trucks. Professionals working at CAA are aware of the power of vehicle decals.

When it comes to non-aggressive and cost-effective advertising, decals are a way to go. Your vehicle becomes a moving billboard. CAA brought their Hino 258 – 2019 for truck decals because they know how to use an opportunity to push their brand.

Since trucks are large vehicles, it is almost impossible for people to ignore a truck passing by and because of their ability to catch people’s attention, it is a brilliant idea to promote a business through all that real estate available on trucks. 

Installers working at Vinyl Wrap Toronto installed decals on the CAA’s Hino 258 – 2019 with the utmost care and precision. Our process is simple and transparent. The clients contact us explaining what it is that they’re looking for. Our team listens to the clients and generates a digital mock-up based on a client’s input. A digital mock-up is basically a way to show what the decals or a vehicle wrap would look like on their vehicle before we actually do it.

Once the client is happy with the design and approves it, our professional installers start to convert that digital mock-up into reality. Over the years we’ve had a 100% client satisfaction rate in terms of service, precision, and quality. We’ve featured some pictures of the decals we installed on CAA’s truck Hino 258 – 2019 on this page for you to see.

Since we’re on the topic of vehicle decals, here are some benefits they offer when compared to any other vehicle wrap jobs.

  • Freedom of Imagination: The best thing about decals, there is no set standard size or shape for them. Decals could be of any size and shape. All you have to do is imagine and you’ll see that your vision has been turned into a physical sticker that sticks onto your vehicle. There are a ton of colour and finish options to choose from. Whether you want reflective decals or custom-printed decals, there’s something for everyone. Decals have the power to change the overall look of your truck, van, or car. It can either be a personal graphic or your company logo, you can rest assured knowing it is being noticed by people around you. We see standard vehicles every day and we’ve subconsciously learned to not pay attention to them but every now and then when there are stickers/decals on the vehicle, due to our human nature, we can’t help but look and try to figure out what it says.
  • Quick Installation: Unlike full or partial vehicle wraps, decals are incredibly easy and quick to install. So, if you’re in a rush to promote your brand or give your vehicle a personal touch, vehicle decals are the way to go. However, it is still very important that you get the decals done by someone who knows what they’re doing. Like the installers working at Vinyl Wrap Toronto, with their experience working in the industry for more than a decade, you can relax knowing the decals will turn out looking perfect. 
  • Cost-effective: Since there is a lot less effort, material, and time involved in installing vehicles on trucks, vans, and cars as compared to a full wrap or a partial wrap, it goes without saying that the cost would be relatively low. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle on a budget, decals are your best option.
  • Super Easy Maintenance: The beauty of getting decals is that they’re incredibly low maintenance. You can practically forget about them once you get them done. With the least amount of care, you will see the decals will last for years.

Despite having all the above-mentioned benefits, there is something our installers will tell you which will help you make your decision. It is that when you get decals on your truck or car, the decals will protect the paint under them from the sun and environmental damage while the paint on the rest of the vehicle will be affected by those things.

This will result in your vehicle’s paint fading over time. Years later, when you finally decide to take off the decals, you will see that the paint under the decals hasn’t aged a bit while the paint around them has and that will leave a visible tan line on your vehicle. Speak to our installers about options to reduce the tan lines. 

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To help you make a better decision, check out our blog about the benefits of a vehicle wrap here.

If you’re considering getting decals on your truck, van, car, motorcycle, or basically anything that has a smooth surface, feel free to give us a call at 416-746-1381 or visit our garage located at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON M9W 1B4 to speak with one of our experts. To check out more truck decals, click here

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