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Dodge Caravan – Custom Full Wrap

We see vehicles every single day. So much that we actually don’t even pay attention to the details. We just instinctively know that they’re there. People only pay attention to something that stands out.

For businesses that are extending their branches towards new projects, this can be a blessing in disguise. What’s better than an eye-catching vehicle spreading the word about the business on the road? “RockBottom Construction” is one of our oldest returning clients. In the past, we’ve wrapped several of RockBottom Construction trucks and vans. 

Getting those wraps done for their company vehicles, bringing more business to them and now they’re looking to expand their business by adding another module; RockBottom Basements. Which is essentially a basement renovation service. To kick-start the project they decided the best approach is to take the necessary steps to make sure people recognize their brand. 

They wanted to wrap their Dodge Caravan Van to show off their new endeavour. To make the custom full wrap happen, our designers and their team worked together very closely to render the vision they had in their minds. We started off by designing their company logo; “RockBottom Basements”. The logo is an essential graphic that represents the business everywhere. So, it requires a lot of thought and revisions to chisel it down to perfection. Which is exactly what our designers and our client did. Sat down and revised the logo until it made sense. 

After the logo was done, the client had some images of previous work that they wanted to use on the Dodge Caravan’s Full Van Wrap. Similar to logo design, designing the mockup for a vehicle wrap requires both the client and designers to work together to revise and modify elements. Our designers, after a couple of revisions with the client, rendered the client’s perfect wrap design for the Dodge Caravan.

The complexity of design solely depends on how complex the design is and how well the client can explain their vision. For everything that has not been specified, there is a lot of brainstorming until the desired results are achieved. 

The client provided us with the images they wanted to use, and our team designed it in a way that for sure will pull focus when the Dodge Caravan is out on the roads.

For the wrap, we used “Gloss Dark Grey (SW900)”, Printable Vinyl & Laminate offered by Avery Dennison. At Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we always use quality material provided by Avery Dennison & 3M because when it comes to our clients’ pride and joys, there are to be no compromises with the quality.

If you wish to get your car, van, truck, motorcycle, or basically anything wrapped, give our team a call at 416-746-1381 or visit our garage located at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON, M9W1B4 to see us in action.
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