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Are you looking for Health Safety Signage, boards, or menu boards? Vinyl Wrap Toronto has created a few different options over the last few weeks. Health Safety Signage and boards are essential at any construction or building site.  RockBottom asked us to make other signage for a trade show recently and while in the shop to collect.

They spotted the Health and Safety boards we did for All2BeSafe. They liked the design so much, that they asked us to replicate the boards for their workplace with the clipboards as well. The health and safety board signage is important, just like road signage. The Yellow and Red signs are for a company that is doing construction work which is going to affect a busy road.

Vinyl Wrap Toronto was able to design the signs and print them in-house for the customer to collect when they start the project. The signs were mounted on Coroplast and laminated to ensure they survived the outdoor conditions. The signs are self-explanatory, as most signage should be, without being intrusive or distracting.

Have you been to a fast food truck or stand and decided what you wanted to eat while waiting in line? Only to be told that they are sold out or not available anymore. These menu boards are magnetic, and so are the food items. The food items are interchangeable because the client wanted to be able to change the menu items for every event. This also makes it easy to remove items and replace them if they sell out or are not available for any reason.

The beauty of the magnetic board is that the prices can be adjusted as needed, and customers get the most up-to-date information about what is available.  The client runs a food truck at sporting and events.  So needed signs that could survive outdoors and withstand being constantly moved. Both signs were laminated and mounted on Alupanel, so light but durable.

If you would like to view more of our Health safety Signage and other signs, click here. If you are looking to make an impact at your next event, or replace your outdated Health and Safety boards?  Speak to our team at 24 Ronson Drive, Unit 1, Etobicoke for design ideas and options.
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