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Vinyl Wrap Toronto Nissan NV200 2020 Avery Dennison White Van vinyl Decals Home Free

Van Vinyl Decals

The owners of Home Free Pest Removal wanted to advertise their business on their new Nissan NV200 work van. Vinyl Wrap Toronto has found advertising on a vehicle to be one of the cheapest forms of advertising. The simplicity of having the company name or logo on the vehicle helps to attract business.

For Home Free, it was van vinyl decals on either side and the back. The owners worked on designs that they wanted for the vehicle and sent them to our graphics team. Remember most brilliant ideas can strike at any time, and paper is not always at hand. This was the case for the owners who started the design on a napkin for the van vinyl decals Our graphics team worked on the templates to come up with designs that the customer was happy with.

The design called for the animals to be running away from the house to convey what Home Free Pest Removal does. Once the final design was approved by the owners, the vinyl was printed and cut. Before our installation team asked for the vehicle, the vinyl needed 48 hours for degassing after printing. The process of getting the vinyl-ready can take 3 days from start to finish in most cases.

Installation of the graphics on the Nissan van was made easier by using the proof that Home Free agreed. With each of the decals being added individually, our installation crew used their many years of experience to apply the vinyl, to give the effect that the animals are running away from the house.

Vinyl Wrap Toronto took this plain white Nissan van and transformed it into a moving advertising board for the company by adding cost-effective van vinyl decals. Bring us your company or personal vehicle and see what our team can do for you. Visit us at 24 Ronson Drive, Unit 1, Etobicoke to speak to our experienced team. View more of our decal jobs.

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