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Clients requesting a full car wrap is a norm for most vehicle wrap agencies. What’s different about each request is the client’s vision, creativity and reason which inspires them to get a full car wrap. And the reason could be anything. We realize everyone is their own human being with unique tastes and preferences for things that they find interesting.

At Vinyl Wrap Toronto, getting the opportunity to meet and work with these creative people who want to manifest their imagination onto their vehicles, is one of the driving forces for us. Wrapping cars is an art and if there’s anything an artist appreciates, it’s the chance to work with other artistic and creative individuals. Here at Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we’re ready with open gates to take on a job that pushes us to our artistic limits. 

Recently, Vinyl Wrap Toronto received a request from a lady who wanted a full car wrap for her Hyundai Veloster 2016. As we’ve mentioned above, the reason for getting a wrap varies from one individual to another. For this lady, the reasons that convinced her for getting a full car wrap for her Hyundai Veloster 2016 are as follows:

  • Switch to a more unique colour: Another reason why this lady decided to get a full car wrap is that she wanted to freshen up the colour of her Hyundai Veloster 2016. From the old factory Blue colour to something a bit more unique and edgy, something that she finds interesting, which was a Satin Purple. Now that’s an interesting choice of colour and finish. It takes courage and confidence to rock a colour like that out in public. As always, our team was thrilled to work on this project. Throughout the process, we communicated with the client about any modifications or directions. The final result was breathtaking! The car looked absolutely gorgeous with the vibrant Satin Purple Vinyl Wrap. Even our installers couldn’t take their eyes off of this beauty once it was finished being wrapped. We admire this lady’s unique and interesting sense of style and we’re sure she’s turning heads and filling hearts with envy.
  • Level of customizability: One of the key reasons for people to be opting for vinyl vehicle wraps as opposed to any other alternatives is the greater level of customizability. From a large spectrum of colours to choose from to have your favourite graphics printed on Vinyl, the possibilities are endless. This lady was aware of it, she wanted to give a makeover to her Hyundai Veloster 2016 and so she got it. She wanted the original badges back on top of the vinyl wrap to give her car a more realistic and factory look, and our team gave her exactly what she asked for. Here’s our list of the top 5 car wraps where people brought their fantasies to life.

So, all the above-mentioned reasons convinced this lady to get her Hyundai Veloster 2016 wrapped with a gorgeous Satin Purple Vinyl Wrap. Our team enjoyed working on this unique project thoroughly and we appreciate that we get the chance to work with creative individuals like herself.

Additionally, there was a request made by her which we ended up not doing not because it was impossible but simply because it was not worth it, considering the additional cost and durability. She asked our team to get the interior of her Hyundai Veloster 2016 wrapped as well. Our installers are more than qualified to wrap anything but we advised her otherwise because some surfaces are not worth wrapping due to their inability to hold the vinyl wrap.

So, instead of making a quick buck and giving her what she asked for we gave her advice that was in her best interest and she appreciated that and decided to go according to our suggestions. So in order to make our clients be aware of the effects of some of the things they ask for we give them the best advice and from that moment they call the shots on whether they want to go for it or not. For us, it’s all about customer satisfaction.

Since we’re on the subject of colour change, it’s better to be aware of your options. At Vinyl Wrap Toronto we use only quality material offered by Avery Dennison & 3M. The reason we only use these materials is that they’re the industry leaders that offer the best quality, colour options and finish options as compared to any other brands on the market.

So, you can go wild with your imagination when getting a vinyl wrap. Anything you can think of can be printed on vinyl and installed on your vehicle. These materials offer a huge range of colours to choose from as well as various finishing styles such as Satin, Matte, Gloss, Brushed etc.

In this lady’s case, she picked the colour purple with a satin finish. So about the Satin finish, our installers believe the customers who are thinking of getting a vehicle wrap, should know that wraps done in a certain finish and colour have natural colour change properties which makes the colour appear slightly different when viewed from certain lighting and angle.

So, if that’s a deal-breaker for you, you might want to consider a different colour that does not have natural colour shift characteristics like the carbon fibre finish. Another reason why people choose a satin finish is that it is easy to look after as compared to matte & gloss finishes.

Check out our blog post about the benefits of vehicle wraps here.

We encourage our potential clients to get in touch with us regarding any queries or for getting a quote. Please feel free to give us a call at 416-746-1381 or if you’d like to visit, we’re located at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON, M9W 1B4, we’d be glad to answer your queries regarding car wrap cost, vinyl materials, etc. Check out more car wraps here

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