Mazda Miata 1990 Full Car Wrap and Benefits

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Mazda Miata 1990 – Full Wrap By Vinyl Wrap Toronto

Vinyl Wrap Toronto’s recent customer’s car was a bit of a father & son project. He brought to us his Mazda Miata 1990 and it was clear that it has gone through a lot of bodywork which rendered it looking completely different than the factory finish. 

Due to the amount of work required, it left the car covered in paint primer. The Mazda Miata lost most of the original blue colour that it came in. The client was very specific about what he wanted. All he wanted to do was to revive his old-looking car which had grown old with time back to the original factory look. 

Not only did he know what he wanted, but he also supplied his own material. Normally we do not accept or use customer-supplied material unless it is less than 6 months old and either Avery Dennison or 3M vehicle vinyl. 

Our installers took the blue-coloured vinyl that he brought and started wrapping the Mazda Miata. The best wrapping material is worth nothing if it isn’t being installed by professionals. At Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we have capable installers who take their job seriously. We treat our client’s vehicles with the utmost respect and care as if it’s our own.

This was a personal full wrap job. The client had a reason to get the job done. Yours could be different. 

What are the benefits of Vinyl Wraps:

  1. It allows you to express yourself by giving your vehicle a unique touch of your own.
  2. Vinyl Wraps protect the vehicle’s original paint when doing a full or partial wrap.
  3. Vehicle wraps can last for years with minimal maintenance.
  4. Wraps protect the vehicle against UV rays, dust, and road debris.
  5. Vinyl Wraps are cost-effective compared to other vehicle customization alternatives.

Read VWT’s list of top 5 personal car wraps.

If you’ve got a vehicle that could use a bit of vinyl goodness, feel free to give us a call at 416-746-1381 or visit our garage. We’re located at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, M9W1B4. Our experts will be more than happy to answer any of your queries and give you a quote.

To see more pictures of wrapped vehicles like the Mazda Miata 1990, check out our blogs page. Check out more car wraps here

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