Tesla Model 3 2020 Full Car Wrap – White to Satin Black

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Full Vinyl Wrap For Tesla Model 3 2020

Everyone is passionate about something in their lives. That’s what we’re here for, to chase our passions. It isn’t life if you’re not running after what you desire. We’ve got the perfect story for you. About a man who made his vision come to life in our garage at Vinyl Wrap Toronto.

Being in the Business, we receive all kinds of wrap requests; From personal vehicle wraps to commercial vehicle wraps. It gives us great pleasure that we’re able to make things happen and put a smile on our customers’ faces. 

Since what we do is all about creativity and pushing the limits, we get to work for the most creative and innovative clientele. Because what they want is to make their vehicle one of a kind, and that requires creative genius. 

Car companies, in most cases, only manufacture cars in very limited and general colours. This is their way to make sure they only release the colours that most people wouldn’t mind having. For example, it’s very unlikely that a car model will come in green, but there will always be black and white.

With only limited colours available, what happens is that everyone winds up with the same standard-looking car? It can be pretty disappointing to see that you’re not the only one with that car. However, not everyone wants a car in one of those standard colours.

So, what can you do if you want to give your car the colour you want? A Vinyl Wrap. Yes, welcome to the dreamland where you can make your car look the way you want. There are no limits. Anything you can imagine, Vinyl Wrap Toronto can wrap your vehicle with it.

Speaking of colour change, we recently received a full car wrap order from Mr. Andrews. What makes this job interesting is that it conveys the message that you take what you get and turn it into what you really want. It was a personal wrap request.

Mr. Andrews had recently bought a Tesla Model 3 2020. In fact, it was bought just 24 hours before we received an order to wrap it. Why? You ask. Because of the colour, Mr. Andrews didn’t want to wait for a black Tesla Model 3 to be delivered when he could get an early delivery for a white one. Tesla also charges more for the Black version and does not offer a Satin finish. 

So, he decided to buy the white car and get it wrapped in a colour that he couldn’t get. The client was very specific about what he wanted. He wanted to have his white Tesla Model 3 wrapped with Satin Black Vinyl. 

So, literally 24 hours after receiving his Tesla Model 3 2020, he dropped it off at our garage to get it wrapped. Now, there’s a man making things happen for himself. We were pleased to receive the opportunity to offer Mr. Andrews the car of his dreams.

As always, our installers took it into their hands and started the wrapping process. Our installers make sure they wrap the vehicles with the utmost care as if it’s our own. So, we took apart the car into several parts. This is because it becomes easier to wrap individual parts as opposed to wrapping one giant car. This ensures that the parts are wrapped with precision and accuracy. All in all, we had the car in our garage for three days.

Our installation team turned the White Tesla Model 3 into Satin Black. We admire the taste of the owner. The outcome was beautiful and Mr. Andrews’s reaction when he saw his Satin Black Tesla Model 3, was everything to us. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t expect that reaction. He left with an ear-to-ear smile on his face. He was overjoyed at his Tesla Model 3. 

You may be wondering, why didn’t he go for a paint job? There are several reasons why he didn’t want to get a custom paint job:

  • Paint jobs are expensive: Getting a car painted isn’t as cost-effective as getting a vinyl wrap. The price of paint jobs varies depending on how popular or luxurious a car is.
  • Paint jobs have limited options for colour, design and finish: When it comes to freedom to imagine, a paint job is nowhere near the customizability and freedom offered by Vinyl Wraps. Vinyl Wraps allow you to choose any colour of your liking, get any logo or graphic printed on Vinyl and choose a finish such as matte, satin, gloss etc. In this case, the client wanted a full wrap for his Tesla Model 3; changing it from glossy white to satin black.
  • Paint Jobs replace the original colour of your vehicle: A paint job basically means taking off the original colour and painting it with the colour you picked. Now if you have a car that has been damaged and the paint is already ruined, it makes sense. But like in this case, the customer had just bought this Tesla Model 3 and it had the perfect new car paint job. He could have either gotten rid of the original colour and gotten the new colour or he could have kept them both. He made the right choice, Vinyl Wraps make sure the original paint of your vehicle remains intact. In fact, a wrap protects it from UV rays, debris and other environmental factors. So that when years later you decide to take off the Vinyl Wrap. You still have that perfect factory colour for your car.
  • Paint Jobs take longer: Looking at the fact that the client had just bought this car 24 hours before he dropped it off at our garage, you can tell that the client wanted to get things done quickly. And he knew getting a vinyl wrap is a lot faster than getting his Tesla Model 3 painted.

So, after considering the above-written reasons, the client made the decision to get a Vinyl Wrap instead of a paint job.

At Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we appreciate and take great pleasure in wrapping vehicles for clients like Mr. Andrews. 

If you wish to give your vehicle a brand new look, give us a call at 416-746-1381 or visit our garage located at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON, M9W1B4 to speak to one of our experts and get a quote on car wrap cost. Check out more car wraps here

To read more client stories, check out our blogs here.

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