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Audi A5 Delux Auto 2012 Vinyl Decals

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Audi A5 Decals

It is human nature to keep wanting something more and there is nothing wrong in doing what gives you happiness. Our recent client knows it and also knew that even a car like Audi A5 2012 could use a bit of Vinyl goodness to add to its beauty. This client is one of our returning clients. We have wrapped and installed decals on his personal vehicle in the past. Since he was so satisfied with our service, it goes without saying that he would come to us for another job he wanted to get on an Audi A5 2012.

The client is a second-hand car salesman and wanted to give the Audi A5 2012 a bit of a flare before selling it. A great idea indeed. Who wouldn’t pay extra for a customized Audi A5 2012? He wanted to go with something very subtle yet make the car stand out. He wanted to get some decals on the side skirts and on the back of both the side-view mirrors. The Audi A5 2012 was all black and the colour of the decals had to be carefully picked since black goes with almost any colour.

After some discussion with our installers, the client decided to get Matte Silver coloured material from Avery Dennison’s SW900 series. Since it was a couple of decals on side skirts and side-view mirrors of the  Audi A5 2012, it was like squeezing a lemon for our installers with years of experience. However, just because it was easy for our installers doesn’t mean it’s easy for us regular people to do it on our own. Installing decals requires years of experience wrapping vehicles and installing vehicle graphics. Since our experts have been doing that for over a decade, that’s why it was a super easy job for us.

We have attached pictures of the Audi A5 2012 on this page for you to see how much of a difference some small and subtle decals can make.

Vinyl Wrap Toronto is a vehicle wrapping agency located in Etobicoke near 401 and Kippling. We do all kinds of vehicle graphics such as full wraps, partial wraps, lettering, decals, racing stripes, signs, and wall graphics and can wrap basically anything from a guitar to a full-blown RV with everything in between.

We give our clients a safe and comfortable environment to communicate openly about their requirements throughout the whole process. To manifest our clients’ vision into reality we only use the best quality material available on the market. We only use quality material offered by Avery Dennison & 3M. We give our clients full freedom to choose the material and finish along with our expert advice. But in the end, it’s the client who calls the shots. 

We have experienced installers working with us who will guide you and offer their expert advice from the beginning to the point where you’re leaving fully satisfied with your newly customized vehicle.

If you have a vehicle or object that you want to customize with your favourite design, feel free to give us a call at 416-746-1381 or visit our garage located at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, ON, M9W1B4 to speak to one of our experts about your requirements.

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