Lexus SC430 Coupe Full Car Wrap By VWT

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Lexus SC430 – Coupe; Full Car Wrap

It is human nature to get bored with the things we have. Sure, the excitement is at its peak when we get a brand new car but we all know it fades over time. So naturally, we look for ways to either freshen up the look of the car or get a new one. Since getting a new one can be a bit damaging for your pocket, what most of us end up doing is adding our personal touch to make the car interesting again.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about the story of a father and daughter with a car that went through a makeover through the hands of our experts working at Vinyl Wrap Toronto. Every wrap request has a source of inspiration and a story. Inspiration for something can strike from anywhere. It gives us immense pleasure to get to know these stories that lead our customers to get a vinyl wrap. In this case, The father had this Lexus SC430 for about 2 decades. The Lexus SC430 was one of a few cars he had in his collection. Judging from what we saw, we can say that the man has great taste when it comes to vehicles. 

After having this car for several years, the father gave his Lexus SC430 to his daughter. The daughter took over the car and had been driving it for the last 10 years. Now that she was about to be blessed with a child. Her natural parental instincts kicked in and she realized that she wanted something that was a bit more baby-friendly. Since the Lexus SC430 she had was a coupe. It really wasn’t going to be that useful to her anymore. So, she decided to return the car back to her father. 

Her father is a man who constantly looks for inspiration to make his car collection one of a kind. Now that he got his Lexus SC430 back, he felt it needed to be revived with a brand new look. The car had been around the block for about 2 decades and it makes sense that he was bored out of his mind for the way it looked. His Lexus SC430 originally had a factory standard silver colour, which is basically a go-to colour for every car manufacturer on the market.

Being a car enthusiast, the father was very active in social media car groups. This is where he saw someone else’s Lexus SC430 and he immediately had his heart set on getting something similar for his Lexus. He looked for vinyl wrap agencies in his area and decided to contact us due to our customer reviews and excellent portfolio. Upon receiving his request, we were immediately impressed by the man’s creative vision and decided to take on the job.

What he wanted to get was a full car wrap for his Lexus SC430. The colour and finish he wanted were a glossy Indigo. What’s so special about that? You may be wondering. The interesting choice was to add one red stripe from the nose to the tail. We’re sure that reading it in the text doesn’t seem like it’s something to hype about. This is why we’re attaching a couple of pictures of the wrapped car for you to see. 

The material we used to wrap his Lexus SC430 was Avery Dennison’s SW900 Glossy Indigo. Because when it comes to wrapping our clients’ pride and joys, there is to be no compromise with quality. Of course, using quality material means nothing if the installers aren’t experienced enough. Fortunately for the father, he did his research before contacting us and knew that we have experienced certified installers working with us. Our installers did a marvellous job giving this beauty a complete makeover. The results were as always breathtaking and we’re saying it with confidence because the client left with a big smile on his face. The daughter was also so impressed, she introduced us to her husband who was looking to add stripes to his Mustang.

So that was the story of a client who wanted to freshen up the look of his Lexus SC430 and at Vinyl Wrap Toronto, we manifested his vision into reality. 

If you’ve got a vehicle that you want to personalize with your own unique style. Give us a call at 416-746-1381 or visit our showroom located at 24 Ronson Dr, Unit 1, Etobicoke, On, M9W1B4. We’d be glad to answer your queries regarding car wrap cost/price, vinyl materials used etc.

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